We get asked the question all the time, "can you dim this hardscape light" and now the answer is yes!  WAC has just come out with the adjustable hardscape light.

Gamma Ray W/4W LED MR16

Looking for that fixture LED lamp combo that is high quality and won't break the bank?  Look no further than the Unique Lighting Gamma Ray.


Use bluetooth capabilities on any new or existing system with the new iTimer by Alliance Outdoor Lighting.

How to Maximize LED Product Life

Have you experienced an integrated LED fixture or retrofit LED lamp burn out prematurely? There are a few factors that contribute to that happening and installation is one of them.

Our partners at Brilliance LED shared a great article on the topic of "Electrical Overstress" and how it impacts LED technology. Brilliance LED has been leading the way when it comes to LED lamps since 2008 and they are an excellent resource when it comes to LED technology.


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