Description: Bluetooth ready, phone app driven, intelligent astronomical timer.  Works with any transformer!  You can also use it on Christmas Lights, Waterfeatures, String Lights and anything meant for 120v up to 15amps.

Set up is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step #1 Download it

Search for "Intelligent Transformer" from the Play Store for an android phone of from the App Store for an iphone.  Download and install the "it" app.

Step #2 Plug it in

Plug in your iTimer into a 3 pring 120v outlet and connect to "Intelligent Transformer" app on your smart phone.  Be sure the Bluetooth is enabled.  The app will find your timer by its specific serial number.  Click on the serial number to start using your iTimer.  The amber color light will blink on your iTimer indication you are connected.  You can rename your iTimer to anything you like.

Step #3 Plug in your device

Plug into your iTimer any device you wish to control that requites under 15 amps of current (such as a landscape transformer).  You will control that device through the iTimer.  It's that easy!

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