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Landscape lighting provides character and safety to an outdoor space, it also requires careful planning and execution. From design and product selection through installation there is a lot to consider when working on an outdoor lighting project. At Cascade Lighting we have the knowledge and skillset to help contractors and landscape architects design and install stunning and effective outdoor lighting.

Free Design for Customers

Creating a design for landscape lighting takes time, consideration and planning, and this is what we do. From the application and logistics to the elements and most importantly the customer’s budget everything needs to be factored in from the start. Taking these parameters into mind we offer free design for our landscape architecture customers. Bring your landscape projects to us and we will help you create an array that is aesthetically appealing, functional and on budget.

Skills to Assist with Product Selection

We specialize in lighting, so we can help you choose the right products for each job. For 15 years prior to the founding of Cascade Lighting, our founder developed and created a landscape lighting product line for a major lighting manufacturer.  We now work with some of the best lighting manufacturers around. Our lighting industry experience, along with over 20 years specializing in landscape lighting gives our company and staff the ability and knowledge to direct you to the right products for your job.

Install Trouble Shooting

Things do not always go as planned on any project, and that is true too when installing landscape lighting. If an issue should arise all you need to do is let us know. Our knowledgeable staff is available to help troubleshoot an install. Getting a project back on track as quickly as possible is important in order to stay on budget and meet deadlines. We get it and we are ready to help. We also keep track of tips and techniques supplied from our industry professional manufacturers. 

About Us

Cascade Lighting is based in Akron, Ohio. When we started out over 20 years ago our focus was on customer service, inventory and variety. By delivering excellent and dependable customer service we are able to assist our customers and help them get their jobs done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Maintaining an extensive selection of products in stock ensures we always have the fixtures and parts our customers need. We are able to quickly ship items for timely delivery. Whatever your client needs for their outdoor lighting project Cascade Lighting is available to help.


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