Our Story

Hasten, rush, strive and stress. Too much information. Too much to accomplish. This is the world we have built and it is too late to change it.
Or is it? We don't think so.

We offer a respite from the cacophony and commotion of the mechanized,
automated and congested world.We hand-craft each piece individually from raw brass.Some finishes take days to cure.Our products are structurally superior. Commercial grade.Our designs are genuine and true to the materials we work with.They are not over-embellished like so much in our industrialized world.They foster peace and serenity.

Arroyo Craftsman can be found in scores of architectural landmarks.
The Gamble House. Frank Lloyd Wright homes. The Grove Park Inn.
We are not just a company. We are not just a collection of products.
We are an idea.We are a set of principles. We are an island in the ocean of the mass-produced and disposable.

Our naturally oxidized finishes like Verdigris Patina, Mission Brown, Bronze, and Raw Copper are applied by hand in multiple steps and take days to cure. Each Arroyo Craftsman product is manufactured in our plant in Baldwin
Park, California.Each Arroyo Craftsman fixture is handcrafted by American artisans.

Arroyo Craftsman maintains a rich tradition and can be found in
many historical landmarks. We make the product ourselves.
Therefore, virtually any size and application can be

Metal finish and glass options allow each frame to permutate into almost a hundred options. The result is that you, the customer, are designing your own fixture to perfectly match your décor and individual preferences. It’s your home and we allow you to it make it your lighting. Arroyo Craftsman allows you to be the designer.


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Column Mount

Deck, Step and Brick Lighting

Path Lighting

Post Top Lantern

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