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Bistro String Lighting – 12V/120V

Intermediate  Base (E17)

Lightcraft’s Bistro Series brings a unique concept to traditional string lighting that incorporates multiple voltages, classic incandescent and energy saving LED, as well as a variety of configurations and shades.



  • PVC Socket Forms a tight water seal
  • UV Resistant Materials
  • Black, White, or Green Cord
  • Sold by the foot
  • SPT-2, 16 Gauge Wire


Technical Information:

  • Suggested Watt Per Socket: 15W
  • Socket: E17, Intermediate Base
  • 120V max run w/11W Incandescent: 200ft.


Specifying Bistro String Lighting (How to Order)

Lightcraft Outdoor Environments serves the complete requirements of interior landscape and lighting designers, architects and other demanding specifies. Customizing your Bistro order follows a logical progression. For example, the standard color black can be changed to green or white in order to blend in with the environment.

Intermediate Base Sockets (LAMPS SOLD SEPARATELY).

NOTE: E17 Sockets are spaced 15”on center.


BK-E17- Model number and Socket

12- Voltage (12=12V, 120=120V)

B- String Color (Black (B) standard, Optional Colors: White (W), and Green (G))

50- String Length (Order by the foot 1’ to 500’)


*Shades are not available with the BK-E17 string.

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