Down Lighting**

Comet (COMT-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

Perfect for those hard to install under eave areas, the Comet is compact and versatile featuring a r...

Conquest (CONQ-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

The Conquest offers a practical solution to most downlighting applications.  Featuring an O-rin...

Crusader (CRUS-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

The Crusader offers a practical solution to most downlight applications.  Featuring a double o-...

Lunar (LUNA-12-NL w/ 25 FT Lead)

Perfect for when installation conditions are recessed back or greater glare control is needed, the L...

Northstar (NSTR-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

The North Star is ideal when downlighting is challenged by a small area.  Featuring double o-ri...

Northstar OSM (NSOS-12-NL w/ 25 FT Lead)

The Northstar is ideal when up-lighting is challenged by a small installation area. Featuring fully ...

Orbital (ORBI-NL-BZ w/15 FT Lead)

The Orbital® fixture is designed to mimic the soft, inviting glow of moonlight. The installation...

Probe OSM (PROS-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

The Probe OSM is ideal when down-lighting is challenged by a small installation area. Featuring a lo...

Quasar1 (QUA1-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

The Quasar 1 leads the family of down lights by offering a practical solution to most down light app...

Quasar2 (QUA2-12-NL w/25 FT Lead)

A square version of the Quasar 1, the Quasar 2 offers down lighting solutions when lighting overhead...

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