Take photos at dusk or twilight, with no wind. The best time is approximately 20-45 minutes after sundown. Too much daylight will not show up your lighting project and too little daylight will create hot spots in the photograph.

  1. Start taking photographs approximately 20 minutes after sundown.
    Expose the first photo 15 seconds...
    Second 25 seconds...
    Third 35 seconds...
    Fourth 45 seconds.
  2. Wait 2 minutes and repeat the pattern above. About the middle of the roll, expose...
    1 - 1 minute photo...
    1 - 2 minute photo...
    1 - 3 minute photo.
    Continue the 15, 25, 35, 45 second pattern and expose the entire roll of film.

Use the following

  • Kodak VPS-135 VeriColor III Professional ASA 160 print film.
  • Daylight/electronic flash.
  • Tripod mount.
  • Lens at F8.
  • Shutter speed at T (time) and B (bulb).

Focus while still daylight. Focus on an area about 40 feet in front of you.

Have your film processed by a regular processor.

CREDIT: Michael Bud Austin, Hadco - Division of Genlite

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