What to Light Questionnaire

This questionnaire will help you to focus on many of the specifics to keep in mind when detailing your overall lighting plan.

  • What are your client's lighting needs and requests?
  • What are the focal points in the landscape (object, plant, pool of water, etc.)?
  • What features would you like to play up?
  • What features would you like to play down?
  • What nighttime activities require lighting (entertaining guests, sports, etc.)?
  • Safety: Which areas are dangerous at night?  Look at steps, changes in grades, paths, bodies of water, etc.
  • Security: Are there dark areas near entrance ways, such as dark shadows near garages and doors that need special attention?
  • Where are the outside weather-proof receptacles and interior switches located?
  • How can we complement and not compete with the architecture?
  • What mood do you want your lighting to achieve?
  • What views from inside the home can be enhanced? (Primary sitting areas, dining areas, kitchen, and bathroom windows)


Information source: Philips Hadco

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